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MCP Holdings Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in the US, Japan and South Korea, this firm is one of the largest alternative investment management companies in Asia.
With its 19-year track record of global management, it has been providing stable dividends over the long term.

A Message from CEO Tetsuo Ochi

The deciding factors in choosing Fukuoka for our expansion are: Fukuoka (and Kyushu’s) concentration of companies focusing on environmental technology, its geographical proximity to Asia, and the speed and strength of will demonstrated by the unified government and business community. In the future, we plan to develop our business by hiring internationals and exchange students. With the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we will operate a platform helping unlisted companies raise funds by matching them with investors from around the world.

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CapBridge Financial Pte.Ltd.

With the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we will operate a platform helping unlisted companies raise funds by matching them with investors from around the world.

A Message from CEO Johnson Chen

In Fukuoka, the fastest growing city in Japan, there are a lot of exchanges and networking in the startup community. It is our honor to be part of this ecosystem, and we are proud to offer our solutions to Fukuoka’s firms.

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Dharma Capital K.K.

Dharma Capital K.K. is the only Japanese company registered as a high frequency trading company (HFT) under the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and it utilizes cutting-edge technologies to trade financial products. The company consistently makes markets for more than 90% of the stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the two Proprietary Trading Systems in Japan for which it is designated as an official market maker. Its trading volume in these venues amounts to a few million dollars per day. It also provides liquidity as the sole HFT market maker of the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.

A Message from President Akiyoshi Shiotani

We believe the existence of an active financial instruments exchange is vital for any city to berecognized as an international financial center. The revitalization of the Fukuoka Stock Exchange is hence essential to the success of Fukuoka City as an Asian financial center. While Dharma Capital conducts market making on the exchange, contributing to its liquidity, we are going to start up a company, Fukufuku Securities based in Fukuoka City, which shall endeavor to attract a vast variety of global investors to the exchange. We trust and desire that we will contribute to the continued prosperity of Fukuoka City and Japan through these activities.

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CURIOOkids is an Entrepreneur, Design, Technology and English training provider educating the new generation of Leaders with learning Studios and offices in six countries. The innovative and highly effective learning programs intelligently use behavioural software to discover the talent in every student and develop important practical and behavioural skills that lead to a bright future.

A Message from Global CEO Paul Blackstone

CURIOOkids will be launching its first Studio in Japan in the highly progressive city of Fukuoka. We look forward to connecting the young people of Fukuoka with similar minded and determined young people globally, and together with their Parents, prepare them with the skills they need to capitalize on the amazing opportunities of the future.
As we say at CURIOO “the future is awesome’!

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