MCP Holdings Limitedロゴ
MCP Holdings Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in the US, Japan and South Korea, this firm is one of the largest alternative investment management companies in Asia. With its 19-year track record of global management, it has been providing stable dividends over the long term.

CapBridge Financial Pte.Ltd.ロゴ
CapBridge Financial Pte.Ltd.

CapBridge Platform has secured approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate a private capital platform. Private companies wishing to raise funding can gain access to raise funding. The co-investment platform serves mid-to-late stage growth companies and the global investors that focus on them.

ダルマ・キャピタル 株式会社ロゴ
Dharma Capital K.K.

Dharma Capital K.K. is the only Japanese company registered as a high frequency trading company (HFT) under the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and it utilizes cutting-edge technologies to trade financial products. The company consistently makes markets for more than 90% of the stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange, and the two Proprietary Trading Systems in Japan for which it is designated as an official market maker. Its trading volume in these venues amounts to a few million dollars per day


CURIOOkids is an entrepreneur, design, technology and English training provider educating the new generation of leaders with learning studios in 11 countries. The innovative and highly effective learning programs intelligently use behavioral software to discover the talent in every student and develop important practical and behavioral skills that lead to a bright future.

One Asia Lawyers
One Asia Lawyers

With lawyers in 17 offices across major cities and financial centers in the ASEAN countries, One Asia Lawyers is specialized in providing seamless, comprehensive legal advice on the laws of the Asia-Pacific region. The lawyers, who are well-versed in law and fluent in English and other languages provide support as a “one-stop” center to clients.


Paycle develops blockchain, Fintec, NFT Marketplace, AI, and post-quantum cryptography and other technologies. With its unique ideas and innovative technologies, the company strives to contribute to achieve sustainable society and development by creating new services.

Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is the world's leading management consulting firm. The company has 23,000 employees across 90 locations in major cities in the world. The location is its fifth office in Japan. The Boston Consulting will contribute to regional economic growth while addressing clients' management challenges.

SocialWire Co., Ltd.

As a Japan-based company, SocialWire Co., Ltd. has the largest network in Asia in terms of Serviced Office CROSSCORP with 10 locations in Japan and 3 locations in Asia. It also offers consulting services regarding business activities and the overseas expansion of tenant companies. In June 2022, Social Wire opened CROSSCORP Fukuoka in the Tenjin Business Center.

Genpact Co., Ltd.

Genpact is a global professional services firm that makes companies' digital transformation real. The Fukuoka delivery center provides targeted industries (e.g., banking) with services such as optimization of business process and innovation to improve the user experience by using digital technologies.

Codo Advisory株式会社
Codo Advisory, Inc.

Codo Advisory offers services for corporate and community stakeholders. Its services range from seminar and workshop management to formulation and assessment of transition strategies, IR consulting services depending on the degree of progress regarding decarbonization in corporate management strategies, and support to the low-carbon transition of Japanese firms.

M-DAQ Pte. Ltd.
M-DAQ Pte. Ltd.

M-DAQ is the leader in over-the-top (OTT) cross-border solutions with a vision to create a World Without Currency Borders. The company has processed over US$32 billion in cross-border transactions over 45 markets since the launch of its Aladdin FX ecommerce solution in 2016.

EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.
EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.

With a global presence in more than 150 countries, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. helps organizations on their entire journey from strategy consulting that includes execution of M&A, to business transformation.

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