• 2022.04.19
    Codo Advisoryʼs inaugural press conference was held.JapaneseEnglish
  • 2022.01.24
    The Forum on Initiatives Attracting Global Finance Functions was held.JapaneseEnglish
  • 2021.11.04
    TEAM FUKUOKA held the general meeting.JapaneseEnglish
  • 2021.04.21
    TEAM FUKUOKA held the general meeting to confirm the direction of the organization’s future activities.JapaneseEnglish
  • 2021.02.12
    TEAM FUKUOKA held a press conference at Fukuoka Growth Next to welcome MCP Holdings Limited into Fukuoka City.JapaneseEnglish
  • 2020.09.29
    The founding meeting of TEAM FUKUOKA was held.JapaneseEnglish
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